The Adventures of Pete, Anna, Ewan, Lucas, and Emmy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ewan Learning How to Ride a Bike!

Here's Ewan learning how to ride his bike! (Check out the brief victory dance at the very end.)

I Don't Even Know Where to Start, So Here's Some of Our Most Current Pics!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

christmas post with lots of pictures!!

merry christmas a little late!

Here are some pictures finally of some of our Christmas fun....above is fun with the peanuts from the box of presents we got in the mail....the boys wanted to make sure Emmy got to join in. We had such a great Christmas break and we were so busy doing all sorts of fun things so now Pete is back to work and here are some pics. We made a lot of Christmas cookies...and the boys REALLY LOVE sprinkles!!! the ones below are the ones before the boys went really wild with the sprinkles.

here they are in their fancy clothes

and a couple of Emmy sleeping through Christmas morning and playing in her saucer....she is rolling and grabbing her feet and really trying to join in with all the noise as much as possible.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

We had so much fun trick or treating!! First we went to Old Town and the boys rode in the wagon and ran into every store to get candy....they were really excited and would run out after each one yelling..."I got candy".... and at the yogurt shop, you get a free frozen yogurt if you wear a costume so even I dressed up(I wanted my free frozen yogurt of course! and it was worth it!) The boys got chocolate and then had little chocolate faces that looked like they had eaten a whole basket of chocolate. Well the boys were so excited they wanted to keep trick or treating so we went home and got a flashlight and walked all around our block with Ewan charging up to every house(overcoming even his fear of dogs for the sake of chocolate) yelling "trick or treat" He was really into it!! And Lucas kept saying "Let's try this house". I think they would have had us trick or treating all night long if they could. So we came home and poured out all the candy and then they jumped around for about an hour around it and then went for a really long drive to "look at all the decorations" (to fall asleep since they were so hyper) and that was about it. Happy Halloween! They are already planning out next year! Here they are below...Lucas is eating his "special treat from Nonna"- a trader joes fruit treat ever!

and Emmy was a little flower...She slept through all of the trick or treating, but she did get a couple of extra pieces of candy for us for being so cute!!

Pumpkin fun!

This is George. Ewan's pumpkin. We tried to wait till as close to Halloween as possible to carve him since it has been so HOT down here, but Ewan was not having it. He wanted to carve his pumpkin the night (at 9 pm ) we got his pumpkin, and logical explanations about how we can't carve it in his carseat on the way home and how if we carved it too early it wouldn't last just weren't working.... So Pete made up a story about a pumpkin named George and somehow it calmed him down and we carved him the next day. Anyway, designed by Ewan, here is George with all his friends... Baby Girl, Big Daddy, and Curious
Well since it was 3 weeks ago, George didn't make it to Halloween, but the boys really liked watching him turn all black and moldy and poking him with sticks as he was "getting rotten", but here we are carving the rest. Ewan really liked taking out the seeds and all the "glop" and designing the faces. He designed the big pumpkin with the smiling face and teeth because "pumpkins always have teeth" and he was pretty upset that Lucas wanted a "growly-faced" pumpkin with no teeth........which describes Lucas the past 2 weeks as he is getting all 4 molars at once......he was really excited about that growly face!!! Here is Ewan carving and Lucas running. He didn't want anything to do with touching the pumpkin seeds because they were too "slimy".

And then since we had such a big windstorm the night before, the boys raked up all the leaves into a big pile to play with...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pumpkin patch and best nap drive ever!

so our week was really busy... now that Pete is doing after school tutoring twice a week and back to school night was thursday...which was a 2 hour long process of trying to get all 3 kids to sleep, and even with my mom's help, ended with a nightime drive when Pete got home :) so anyway, Pete took off friday and we went to the pumpkin patch!! We had a great time, except that it was like 100 degrees...what happened to the beautiful fall weather? but the boys were super excited anyway and each got to pick out a little pumpkin and a tiny one for Emmy.

here is Lucas trying to pick up "the great pumpkin"....we have been watching charlie brown and the great pumpkin.
there was a hay bale maze that the boys loved running through....
and then a corn maze.....
and the boys taking a short cut through the corn stalks....
and a tractor wagon ride!
the day ended with the best nap drive ever.....we decided to go stop at disneyland and get our passes for this year! and we were so excited for the boys to wake up and realize where we were.....but as it turns out it was not the best day to go to disneyland. the parking garage was having repairs done and so we had to park out in some lot far away.... the buzz lightyear lot.....and take a bus to the park but it was like 100 degrees still and took an hour to get there and I was not too happy at the happiest place on earth. But the boys were ecstatic!! so we got an ice cream and rode the monorail.....and then left... which is the beauty of having a pass. only to board the bus and have it break down on the way back to parking lot with 3 very hungry and tired toddlers(steph and mason were there too). so seriously the main point is never park in the buzz lightyear lot!!!